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Edmond Scientific combines advanced technological capabilities and highly focused expertise to deliver interdisciplinary solutions to address the unique needs of our public and private sector clients. See how we’re the ideal fit with a discovery call today.

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    Improving mission engineering fidelity while eliminating duplicative costs

    Effective mission planning and rehearsal in highly contested electromagnetic environments relies upon the fidelity of the data, the quality of the physical effects modeling, and the quality of the visualization. Using a data-centric architecture that utilizes authoritative EW/ELINT data, granular modeling of physical effects, and user-defined visualization interfaces for mission rehearsal and reconstruction, our solution provides a foundation for realistic planning and data/model interoperability that reduces costs associated with updating data/models in individual simulation systems.

    Related: Communications, Space Operations, Defense, Intelligence, Environmental, Industrial Resiliency

    Building SATCOM design and practice expertise

    Edmond Scientific developed and delivered SATCOM technical training to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other organizations to develop expertise, provide cross-agency understanding, and support planning and operations.

    Related: Cross-Domain Solution (CDS), Multi-Level Security (MLS), Access Control and Enforcement, Records Management,

    How to enact cross-domain, multi-level privacy and security while maintaining interoperability and access

    Edmond Scientific designed, developed, and demonstrated an AI-based enterprise application for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) that used Natural Language Processing (NLP) and an AI core to enforce privacy and security across various commercial vendor products to provide attribute-based access control (ABAC) for sensitive or classified data.

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    Protected – from defensive CBRNE system assessment and integration, through training and support.

    Edmond Scientific staff support Navy CBRNE-D ship and shore systems – from rigorous assessments to systems integration and training to support the Joint Program Manager Nuclear Biological Chemical Containment Avoidance (JPM NBCCA) and its Navy Liaison.

    Related: Cybersecurity, Engineering, Software and Platforms, Manufacturing

    How to align and roll out a 15TB enterprise-wide data repository without disrupting business.

    Collaborating with Xerox, EDS and Deloitte, Edmond Scientific provides ongoing support to General Motors for development, integration and management of an enterprise-wide administrative, legal and engineering data repository solution.

    Related: Pharmaceutical, Defense, Life Sciences, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Environment

    When toxicology, pharmacology, neuroscience, microbiology, behavioral physiology and immunology are all in the mix.

    Edmond Scientific provides specific subject matter expertise, support services and scientific and technical staff resources to the Army Medical Institute of Chemical Defense (USAMRICD) a recognized world leader in the development of chemical warfare countermeasures.

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