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Edmond Scientific combines scientific, engineering and information systems expertise with advanced technological and analytical capabilities to deliver practical, customized solutions that address the specific needs of our public and private sector clients.

If you are looking to talk to a potential partner to secure high-value advisory solutions and support or the choregraphed application of specialized expertise and resources, contact us and see how we’re a smart fit.

Organizations large and small rely on Edmond Scientific experience in data verification, access control standards, pilot demonstrations and real-world implementations spanning healthcare, intelligence, and cross-enterprise data protection.

Related: Cross-Domain Solution (CDS), Multi-Level Security (MLS), Access Control and Enforcement, Records Management,

Industry: Healthcare, Defense, Intelligence

How to enact cross-domain, multi-level privacy and security while maintaining interoperability and access

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“Our value proposition is to be able to quickly apply the best mix of experts to provide effective technical and operational solutions for our clients', and to choreograph the right application of leading scientific, engineering, information, and technical domain knowledge to support technology and process maturation throughout the technology development lifecycle."

-Edmond Scientific

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