Modeling & Simulation (M&S)

Employing interdisciplinary teams of traditional M&S specialties such as 3D modeling and digital graphic arts, physics-based modeling, software development, and visualization with domain-specific subject matter expertise, our solutions not only create high fidelity M&S environments but produce value in training and operational analyses.

Edmond Scientific is also in the forefront of researching and developing data-centric architectures using authoritative data sources for federated simulations of high entity counts (<100 users) in complex, multi-domain simulations in such diverse scenarios as air-to-ground electronic warfare analysis in contested environments and disaster/mass casualty triage operations.


  • Real-Time 3D, Extended Reality (XR) Environments and Simulations
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum (RF/EO/IR) Modeling and Effects Visualization (Electronic Warfare)
  • Digital Twins with Bidirectional, Remote Communications
  • R&D into Novel Distributed Data-Centric Simulation Architectures and Data Standardization
  • Healthcare/Patient Modeling for Safe Transport, Operations, and Care
  • Operational Modeling for Industrial Process Optimization
  • Simulator Obsolescence, Maintenance and Reliability Analysis

Digital Twins of additive manufacturing centers that mirror physical world conditions in real-time and have bidirectional communications to permit process monitoring, remote job interrupt, remote insertion of corrective and finishing steps, and data collection for use in physics-based process modeling.  Our repository of modeled AM devices and associated equipment is ready for reuse.

Image of medical devices and hospital environment for training and operations analysis

High-fidelity digital twins of entire hospitals, we can also access a repository of over 200 modeled clinical devices and medical equipment that is ready for reuse. This includes equipment, devices, and systems common to clinical spaces and medical facilities and will save on development costs by being available for common reuse.

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