Data Science

Edmond Scientific provides a comprehensive range of data sciences expertise, support and services – from large-scale system architecture and security to long-term system stability and integration.


  • Software Engineering and Programming
  • Systems Engineering and Integration
  • Security Architecture
  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • Network Support Services
  • Data Conversion

Edmond Scientific’s interdisciplinary skills combine mathematics, statistics, software engineering, and domain expertise to extract meaningful, actionable insights from data.

Organizations large and small look to Edmond Scientific for a proven, systematic, disciplined, integrated and quantifiable approach to software design, development, operation, and maintenance.

For nearly two decades, Edmond Scientific has provided system and software engineering services throughout every phase in the Defense Acquisition Standards program lifecycle for aerospace and defense applications.

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Specialized Expertise: Data Science

How to align and roll out a 15T enterprise-wide data repository without disrupting business.

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