Program Management

Edmond Scientific’s expertise in establishing public and private sector Program Management Organizations (PMOs) builds on a proven framework of tools, processes and best practices across organizational and enterprise levels. Utilizing multidisciplinary teams-of-teams, Edmond Scientific can provide execution governance across multiple, complex, interdependent enterprise initiatives and programs.

Our program management solutions combine commercial and proprietary tools to support interconnected, internal and external decision making across action items, schedules, funding, and deliverables.

Edmond Scientific solutions simplify PMO coordination and reduce staffing workload using structured data and computational processes to automate risk detection and dynamically produce documentation and engineering artifacts.

Quality Management

Edmond Scientific has implemented and managed Quality Management Systems (QMS) in both public and private industries that include Business Process Improvement (BPI) functions at the product, program, and enterprise level. Edmond Scientific QMS enables invaluable performance tracking, reporting and measurement for projects, processes, progress, trends, errors, problems and program costs.

Our expertise includes support for organizational quality management initiatives using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria, Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9000/9001, CMMI, and other quality management tools and techniques as they relate to improving systems, processes, organizations and teams.


  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Multi-Level BPI Capabilities
  • State-of-the-Art Management Tools
  • Multi-Disciplinary Expertise
  • Computational Processes and Artifacts
  • Process Action Library Development and Maintenance
  • Enterprise Coordination and Governance

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