Satellite Systems & Communications

The increasing public and private reliance upon satellite network communications leads to ever-growing investments in space domain technology. Multidisciplinary competencies across engineering, aerospace, communications, sensors and electronics enable Edmond Scientific teams to execute highly complex and interrelated scientific and engineering tasks across a wide range of satellite systems and communications technologies.

Whether it’s concept development and exploration, designing and implementing new SATCOM architectures, engineering and integration, or supporting satellite operations, our experience and focused expertise enables Edmond Scientific to support your satellite program development through any technology lifecycle stages.

Edmond Scientific expertise in satellite communications includes architecture, engineering design and testing, sensors and signal processing, high performance computing (HPC) for imagery and analysis and cyber hardening. Our subject matter and industry experts are at the forefront of emerging technologies to include Digital IF and quantum communications bringing superior capabilities and resiliency to any space program.


  • Data and Information Systems and Data Communications
  • Communications and Information Systems Architectures
  • Sensor, Antenna, Radar and Satellite Systems Software and Hardware
  • Engineering Models and Simulations

Edmond Scientific to develop an advanced Optical Communications Terminal (OCT) prototype that will greatly improve laser communication performance through clouds and precipitation.

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Edmond Scientific developed and delivered SATCOM technical training to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other organizations to develop expertise, provide cross-agency understanding, and support planning and operations.