Technology Advisory Services

Edmond Scientific Company’s Technology Advisory Services assist our commercial and public sectors clients in the successful identification, evaluation and prioritization of technology improvements in support of the enterprise’s strategic goals. Edmond helps your organization gain greater efficiencies in technology implementations and modifications, while maximizing your existing resources.

Edmond’s demonstrated longstanding technical capabilities and broad experience include reviews of information systems for efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with strategic goals. We conduct unbiased comprehensive performance assessments and gap analysis comparing in-place systems with desired end-state alternative solutions. Our team develops performance metrics, test scenarios, surveys, and analytical tools, system and functional specifications, among important project artifacts. We bring technical insight and expertise to all components of your IT organization.

Edmond’s Strengths

Mastering technology challenges requires multi-disciplinary vision and seamlessly blending skills of subject matter experts, system architects and designers, project leaders, and experienced executives. Edmond’s Technology Advisory strengths include:

  • Quantitative business process/performance analysis
  • System concepts, planning, design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Technology studies
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis and forecasting
  • Best-practice workflow procedures and practices
  • IT resource cataloging for current and projected requirements
  • Cross-platform data integration and workflow design/implementation
  • Custom and off-the-shelf procurement
  • Tactical, strategic, and executive-level documentation
  • Data management strategies, as well as data collection, analysis, reduction, aggregation, and reporting