Federated Access Control

Edmond is at the forefront in the field of implementing and enforcing access controls and providing secure, fine-grained access control of data.

Successful — and robust — technological implementation requires deep, broad, and always-current theoretical knowledge and reality-based “what-works” awareness. Edmond’s expertise includes:

  • Edmond is a leader in the development and testing of data integrity and access control standards, pilot demonstrations, and real-world implementations in healthcare, intelligence, and cross-enterprise and cross-agency data protection.
  • Edmond’s data control and segmentation capabilities are standards-based, allowing us to be vendor independent and integrate into any commercial authentication system.
  • Our leading-edge Hybrid Authorization Control System (HACS) (Patent US9237159 B2) provides the dynamic enforcement of organization policies (roles, purposes of use, etc.), Federal and State laws and statutes (e.g., HIPAA/HITECH, Title 38 and Title 42, Privacy Act of 1974, 45 CFR Part 164, etc), and individual user restrictions (e.g., patient consent directives, temporary restrictions) to maintain data integrity and control knowledge of and access to covered data.
  • Edmond’s HACS data access solution provides a centralized user interface to control and audit data access, and addresses the dilemma of harmonizing protocols and standards, vocabularies, and policies.