Providing systems engineering, studies and analyses, and technology integration services to support Space and Terrestrial Communications and Systems

General Expertise

Expertise includes RF & SATCOM Engineering, Systems Integration, Cybersecurity, Test Engineering, Configuration Management, Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, Acquisition, and Program Planning and Analysis

Experts in military and commercial satellite communications and control, wired and wireless networking, training and network simulation

Specific Expertise

Ground Segment/Flight Segment Engineering

Designing, analyzing, developing, acquiring, or managing operational satellites, their payloads and supporting ground systems

Satellite Communications and Data Backhaul

Satellite systems engineering, satellite systems acquisition, developmental and operational test, Internet Protocol issues and limitations and terrestrial interface considerations.

Antennas or Antenna Systems

Evaluated Cassegrain, Focal Fed, Ellipsoid, Offset Parabola and Phased Array antennas as systems and as subsystems and to determine actual vs. theoretical capabilities, prior to and post launch.

Information Architecture

  • Network Architecture and Satellite Communications Engineering
  • Communications System Design and Deployment

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