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Edmond Scientific Wins $869M Contract for Chemical and Biological Research and Development (R&D)

Alexandria, Virginia (April 2022) –– Edmond Scientific was selected as one of the vendors to provide the Army’s Chemical Biological Center with science, technology, and engineering Research and Development (R&D) support to address chemical and biological vulnerabilities. The contract continues Edmond Scientific’s history of supporting chemical and biological R&D. The scope of services includes:

Engineering Support. Product engineering, lifecycle systems engineering and acquisition support, and design and fabrication of new systems.

Research and Technology (R&T) Support. Providing biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and pathophysiology R&T support related to chemical and biological defense; and providing chemical sciences, toxicology, aerosol sciences, and animal sciences support.

Chemical and Biological Demilitarization and Disposal Operations. Developing new technologies for the destruction of chemical weapons in the stockpile, and in the design, construction, operation and treatment of hazardous wastes and remediation efforts associated with Chem Demil facilities, explosive manufacturing facilities, and hazardous site remediation including field operations.

Innovation. Incorporating material science basic and applied research to generate new R&D pathways to mature systems and products through the technology development lifecycle.