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Edmond Scientific Wins $650M Contract to Support Veterans Health Affairs (VHA) Healthcare Innovation and Research

Alexandria, Virginia (October 2022) –– As the Department of Veterans Health Affairs (VHA) sought partners to help support their continuing journey as a vanguard in healthcare innovation, Edmond Scientific was chosen as one of the vendors to design, develop, and test new healthcare solutions and services that can advance VHA’s mission to provide world class care and experience to Veterans. Customers include VHA DEAN – the Office of Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks and its related entities the Office of Academic Affiliates and the Office of Research and Development.

Edmond Scientific will develop and mature applied research and experimental development and testing in such areas as:

Advanced Manufacturing in Healthcare. Perform experimental development and/or prototyping utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques to include: (1) anatomical models for pre-surgical planning; (2) personalized prosthetics (e.g., customized lower limb sockets), orthotics, and surgical instruments (e.g., patient-matched surgical cutting guides); (3) personalized dental devices and equipment; (4) personalized assistive technology; and (5) bio-fabrication.

Precision Medicine. Designing, developing, testing, and/or evaluating precision medicine solutions in one or more of the following areas: 1) genomic disease risk assessment, 2) pharmacogenomics, and 3) precision oncology.

Advanced Clinical Decision Support. Design, develop and test clinical decision support solutions for purposes of improving care or service in one or more of the following clinical areas and patient populations: (1) chronic disease management (e.g., diabetes, brain health, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, long COVID); (2) high risk, high utilizer patient populations (e.g., multiple chronic conditions, cancer, frequent utilization of emergency or urgent care); (3) vulnerable or underserved patient populations (e.g., homeless, food insecure); and (4) acute conditions (e.g., sepsis). 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Develop innovative AI/ML solutions for VA/VHA data environments for improving care and performance.

Digital Health. Investigate, design, develop and test asynchronous care solutions, wearable sensors, digital therapeutics, clinical decision support solutions, and interfaces to clinical information systems.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Care Solutions. Perform experimental development and/or prototyping of innovative extended reality (XR) solutions, specifically Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for (1) alternative therapies for mental health disorders; (2) advanced clinical simulation training for healthcare related workflows or processes (e.g. patient discharge, safe medication handing); (3) advanced clinical simulation training for healthcare related procedures (e.g., patient intubation, central line placement); (4) virtual individual and/or group clinical visits; and (5) virtual rehabilitation for various types of care and clinical conditions (e.g., post-operative care, traumatic brain injury, poly-trauma). 

Innovation in Care and Service Delivery. Design, develop and test innovative models of care and payment solutions including: (1) bundled payment models; (2) shared-savings or shared-risk models; (3) resource allocation models to serve as alternatives to and/or enhancements of VA’s Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation (VERA) system; (4) value based care models; (5) self-sustainment business models; and (6) direct contracting models.