Edmond Scientific Unveils New Tool to Support Agile Development and Integrate Existing CASE Tools

Chantilly, Virginia (September 2018) – After a year in development, Edmond Scientific Company (ESC) has unveiled a new product to provide an integrated ecosystem for managing agile software developments across the enterprise and integrate with existing tools.  The product supports existing and emerging development frameworks, to include Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) practices in organizations.  SAFe is designed to coordinate and manage multiple agile teams for software development of enterprise systems, but tooling and automated documentation to support SAFe has lagged.

ESC’s new tooling provides enterprise scaling while integrating with existing CASE tools, documentation and repositories.  It provides a SAFe-conforming structured data capture environment supported with smart forms that are intended to be used by non-specialists distributed throughout the organization to create an extended ecosystem of stakeholders.  Moreover, it provides computational capability of SAFe concepts and artifacts so that alerts, dependencies, schedule impacts, and cross-team requirements are automatically calculated so that meetings are held to resolve incongruities and cross-team issues, not identify them.  Dashboards are used to present customizable information through all levels of management and decision-making.

For a demonstration of our tooling or a free consultation to discuss how our SAFe tooling could benefit your organization, please contact us at SAFe@edmondsci.com.

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