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Edmond Scientific Company Leading Advancement of FHIR Interoperability and Testing

Chantilly, VA

Edmond Scientific will present its latest R&D to the Application Implementation and Design (AID) at the upcoming HL7 Working group (WG) session in January 2014.  Edmond’s focus for the WG presentation is upon advancing the FHIR standard by improving its interoperability and testing of payloads with XML supplemental schemas.  Supplemental schemas add to the FHIR schemas to define the fine grained model, dealing with structures like blood pressure and heart rate that are not specifically defined in FHIR.

Edmond discovered the shortcoming in the XML schema when developing style sheets for displaying FHIR payloads, and realized the standard needed development of a fine grained model for interoperability in healthcare.

The fact that Edmond advanced a new methodology to develop the fine grained schema means organizations can validate and test a payload against the schemas.  This will speed adaptation and implementation of the FHIR standard by allowing industry-standard tools such as Eclipse to test payloads, obviating the need for custom tools to test healthcare exchanges using FHIR.

Edmond is exploring the possibility of using the technique to possibly also test payloads for CDA/CCDA and other HL7 standards.  The application of Model-Driven Health Tools (MDHT) is also being investigated in order to derive these fine-grained XML schemas from a UML model.


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