Information Marking for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

32 CFR Part 2002, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), became effective November 14, 2016 and standardizes safeguarding and sharing practices of sensitive unclassified information.

Performing an inventory, assessing risk, and implementing safeguards and controls is easier with our SLS adapted to the CUI Registry.

The main function of the SLS-CUI is to apply markings to information at rest, for example as a crawler on a server. These CUI markings are needed for compliance, but can also be used to generate an inventory or for enforcement and application of rules and constraints by a commercial access control system (ACS).  SLS-CUI can also be used to perform an audit and verify proper marking.

The SLS-CUI has the ability to mark below the document/record level to not only enforce who can access the entire record, but which data elements they can access.  This allows enforcement of redaction or masking of controlled data in discreet data fields.

The SLS-CUI can be used on dynamic data such as during an actual query/retrieve or in a data transmission for identification and marking of the data.  The record or data stream is dynamically marked during transmission, with little latency, allowing a commercial ACS to restrict access to only those users who have been granted the privilege of viewing the record or restricting access to discreet data elements.

The SLS-CUI works with most commercial access control systems because it is based on open standards.

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