Health Information Exchange

Edmond Scientific Company brings to Government and commercial organizations technical expertise and innovative thought leadership in Health Information Technology (HIT) in the areas of integration architecture, Electronic Health Records (EHR) interoperability, HIT Standards, and health information privacy.

For the Public Sector:

Edmond has the demonstrated technical capabilities and expertise to enable integration and data exchange of the Veteran’s Administration (VA) healthcare information system with external healthcare entities.
Our team has managed the Emerging Health Technology Advancement Center (EHTAC) laboratory since 2006 for the creation, validation, testing and implementation of health information exchange. Edmond has supported the Health Privacy Framework since 2009.

Edmond’s Strengths

Edmond brings a breath of hands-on expertise in the most critical and specialized areas of Health Information Technology, including:

  • Interoperability standards creation, validation and testing
  • Health Information Exchange standard prototyping
  • Standards interoperability demonstrations and validations with vendor participants including, IBM, SUN, BEA, Oracle, Symlabs, Axiomatics, Cisco, Jericho and RedHat.
  • System architecture
  • Nation-wide and cross-continent health information technology interoperability testing.