Advanced Electronic Data Discovery

Edmond provides advanced data discovery, analytics and data management to prestigious organizations in the United States and throughout the world. Edmond’s Advanced data discovery solutions imbed superior data indexing and search algorithms to quickly locate relevant clinical data for medical, legal and other enterprise business needs.

Edmond’s e-Discovery capabilities enable your organization to:

  • Manage data collections and retention
  • Bring legal, records management, IT, privacy compliance and business units together to plan and automate data collections.
  • Perform semantic searches of electronic data in 15 foreign languages.
  • Reduce data storage costs for organizations that must keep records for defensible patient medical care or legal reasons.
  • Plan easy access to medical data for improvement of patient care.
  • Gather data in support of legal research or litigation, court orders.
  • Find sought after data in the world wide web or a specific computer system or network.