Software Engineering

Software projects beyond the simplest applications require careful and skilled design. But piecemeal design alone can’t shape complex “systems of systems” or manage “projects of projects”. For that scale/scope and mission criticality, clients need Edmond’s expertise in software engineering, bringing a systematic, disciplined, integrated, quantifiable approach to software design, development, operation, and maintenance.

Edmond’s Strengths

Software engineering makes enterprise architecture real; combining in-depth experience with current industry product/component/services awareness to specifications brings vision to life. Examples of our strengths in software engineering include:

  • Architecture leadership, development, integration, and management
  • Requirements identification, analysis, prioritization, and documentation
  • Cost-effective technology matching strategic IT requirements
  • Software engineering including component integration and security governance
  • Software and service program development and integration
  • Comprehensive management, business, and technical services including integration and security engineering, testing, and documentation
  • Commercial off the shelf software (COTS) evaluation to meet specification requirements and factors such as vendor stability, industry standards compliance, cost, and support

Edmond’s Experience

Comprehensive and practical industry-wide experience is developed the old-fashioned way — one successful project at a time — and can’t be rushed or acquired from study. Edmond’s Experience in Software Engineering encompasses:

  • Large scale system architecture, requirements management, and program management office creation and operation
  • Inclusive coordination of software life cycle areas across multiple contractors providing everything from software development through disaster recovery
  • Long-term system stability assurance through management procedures spanning life-cycle of hardware, software, and configuration processes
  • Satisfying compatibility, security, and interface standards for HIPAA and Section 508 Accessibility compliance
  • Environment prototyping for early user interaction and design feedback
  • Ensuring stakeholder familiarity with processes and procedures to optimize system acceptance and utility
  • Coordinating testing, evaluation, and production operation
  • Operational support of high-volume transaction environments including software maintenance and modifications