Managing Identity and Access Management Transformation

Helping Organizations Migrate to NextGen IdAM and Authorization Technologies

As modern web services are moving towards RESTful environments to enable fast, lightweight application development, there is a compelling need for organizations to use modern identity management and authorization technologies such as OAuth and OpenID Connect. However, most organizations already have enterprise identity and access management systems in place, and introducing these new technologies can be disruptive and complex.

It is therefore crucial to carefully plan and engineer a solution for migration and integration to ensure that the enterprise architecture remains sound and coherent, and transformation takes place in a smooth and graceful fashion without jeopardizing the identity and authorization management infrastructure.

Edmond’s Solution
ESC offers a comprehensive set of the required skills and expertise for introducing the modern OAuth and OpenID Connect technologies to your existing architecture and can assist you through the required steps for introducing modern RESTful services to your organization. This includes:

• Providing the consultation for analyzing and adjusting the existing service architecture and enabling modern RESTful services alongside traditional SOAP-based services.

• Designing and adjusting the enterprise architecture to guarantee the existence of a unified enterprise identity and access management infrastructure.

• Providing a complete and comprehensive Identity Management and Authorization solution that can support both legacy and modern applications and provide a single service for all identity and access management needs across the enterprise.

• Providing technical documentation, training, design patterns, and design consultation for integrating new and legacy applications with the identity and authorization infrastructure.

At the core of this resides Edmond’s Comprehensive Identity and Authorization Management Solution which incorporates and harmonizes, in a single solution, a complete set of identity and authorization management technologies including OAuth, OpenID Connect, User-Managed Authorization (UMA), XACML, and SAML together with the interconnecting protocols and required client-side connectors. This solution enables a hybrid identity and authorization ecosystem in which both traditional and modern services can coexist and interact.