Integration Engineering

Projects too large to be managed or implemented by a single team or organization eventually reach a do-or-die milestone: system integration. That’s the moment of truth when requirements, architecture, specifications, design, implementation, configuration, and documentation come together and pay off — or fail.

Simply put, the critical project phase of integration engineering assembles component subsystems, ensuring that they function together as intended. In practice, it links diverse and often incompatible computing systems and software applications physically or operationally to act as a coordinated whole.

Edmond’s competencies in Integration Engineering have been honed through the successful delivery of numerous projects:

  • Integration architecture unifying enterprise-scale solutions called “systems of systems”, developed and tested by different teams
  • System and application integration, migration, and modernization
  • “Team of teams” management integrating multiple lifecycle projects
  • Cost-effective subsystem integration via enterprise architecture and business architecture specifications, requirements engineering and developing/applying interoperable standards
  • Agile integration engineering helping organizations efficiently develop and maintain large-scale business models and heterogeneous system specifications
  • Interoperability architecture models contributing to point-to-point integration
  • Super-ordinate system design, blueprinting multiple-system collaboration