Enterprise Architecture

Just as D-Day required one General’s leadership, and a football team plays to the quarterback’s calls, an information technology project requires leadership, as exemplified by Edmond’s Enterprise Architecture services.

Isolated system architectures were adequate when divisions, departments, and lines of business set their own course and did not depend on each other. Edmond brings to your organization a holistically integrated approach to enterprise architecture planning, management and implementation to support your organization’s needs for fast and accurate information sharing among components of the enterprise architecture.

Edmond’s Capabilities

A complex system lacking coherent architecture is like an orchestra without a symphony, a flight without a flight plan, a country without a constitution. Edmond’s Enterprise Architecture capabilities encompass:

  • Enterprise architecture planning and implementation
  • Enterprise architecture requirements
  • Concept of Operations
  • Architecture specifications
  • Configuration planning
  • Architecture documentation at architecture, system and component levels
  • Architecture management and maintenance
  • Architecture enterprise stakeholder management